The Solitaire Ring Guide: What Is A Solitaire?

You may feel overwhelmed when you first start to choose an engagement ring. You can divide engagement rings into different shapes depending on how the diamonds are cut. For example, you could choose from round, princess, or heart-shaped rings. There are single dr diamond rings and three-stone engagement rings as well as halo and halo rings depending on how many diamonds you have.

There are so many styles of engagement rings, and you might have noticed that the solitaire is the most popular. You may be considering a solitaire ring. Yes, that’s right! Since ancient times, solitaire rings have been a symbol for engagement. Their timeless style is timeless, regardless of fashion trends. But do you know what a solitaire is? Are you able to identify the characteristics of a solitaire ring you want?

What is a Solitaire Ring?

First, a solitaire is jewelry that contains a single diamond. A solitaire ring has a single, unadorned diamond at the center. There are no other diamonds to distract from the main diamond. The solitaire ring, with its two main parts (a setting and a diamond) is the most iconic and classic engagement ring design. The solitaire ring was the only type that existed before the rise of the diamond industry. Because of its minimalist design, it was increasingly sought-after by minimalists. It still represents stylish elegance and modern style.

The solitaire ring is the most popular of all diamond rings. It’s closely followed by the three-stone ring and halo rings. Solitaire rings allow the brilliance and beauty of the diamonds to shine through because they are striking designs that keep the attention on the center stone. A diamond solitaire ring will suit your fiancee’s taste if she is looking for simplicity and individuality.

The history of the Solitaire Ring

The history of the solitaire engagement ring dates back to 1477, when Maximilian I, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, presented Mary of Burgundy with a ring featuring a single diamond. This is the oldest solitaire engagement ring ever made.

Maximilian I’s gesture of using a diamond solitaire to propose was a result of the profound meaning behind it.

What does a solitaire ring mean?

Solitaire rings are popular because of the symbolism that they represent, which is an indestructible and eternal relationship between two lovers. It signifies that the love between married couples is as strong as a diamond. To show their commitment to their partner, a growing number of couples prefer diamond solitaire rings.

Solitaire Ring Cut

You must have a complete understanding of the ring before you can purchase it. The diamond cut is one example. You can also divide solitaire rings according to the diamond cut into different styles, such as round solitaire rings or princess cut solitaire rings. Different diamond cuts represent different styles.

  • Round solitaire rings – The most common solitaire ring with 57 facets, a round solitaire is a diamond that has been cut into a circle. Round solitaire engagement rings can be worn with almost any outfit and look great.
  • Because of its delicate cut, which has 57 or 76 facets, the princess cut solitaire is second most popular engagement ring.
  • Cushion cut solitaire ring. Cushion cut solitaire rings look similar to princess-cut solitaire rings. Their cutting edges are the main difference between a cushion-cut ring and a square-cut princess ring. A cushion cut ring’s cutting edges are more rounded and less sharp than a princess cut.
  • Solitaire ring with Emerald cut – This type of solitaire is rectangular in shape and has parallel facets. It gives off a beautiful, elegant appearance. This is the traditional option for a solitaire.
  • Oval solitaire ring: Oval solitaire rings have a slimmer shape than round rings, but they are less popular than round rings. An oval-cut solitaire ring can look slimmer and more romantic than a round one.
  • Marquise cut solitaire diamond ring – This marquise cut solitaire diamond ring has an oval shape and a pointed end. These are the places where slender diamonds can have an elegant appeal and enhance beauty.
  • Heart cut solitaire rings – The name of the heart cut solitaire is because the diamond is heart-shaped. This solitaire ring is one of the most romantic and popular cuts of diamonds. It is based on the universal symbol for love.

Setting styles for solitaire rings

You can classify solitaire rings according the way that the diamond was set. You can create a unique solitaire ring by combining the setting style and the diamond cut.

  • Peg head Setting – A peghead setting is a solitaire that holds a diamond. It can have four to six prongs, or even a 6-prong solitaire. This style of diamond solitaire rings is glamorous and most fashionable, but it also presents your diamond in a larger area, increasing the chance of damage.
  • Basket setting – A basket setting is similar in appearance to a peg-head setting. It typically holds the diamond with four prongs. The basket setting is different from the peg-head setting in that it has a metal band at the base of the diamond. This allows for daily wear and tear. The most common and traditional solitaire engagement ring is one with a basket setting.
  • Bezel Setting – A bezel set is a solitaire ring that has a metal band around the perimeter of the gem. This setting can reduce the risk of damaging your diamond but it will not have the same charm as the original.

How to choose a solitaire engagement ring

You now have a better understanding of the meaning and classification of solitaire rings. Now you can choose the perfect solitaire engagement ring for your beloved. There are many factors you should consider before choosing the perfect diamond solitaire engagement band.

The main stone is the most striking feature of a solitaire engagement ring. The main stone is what people will see when you show it to their friends and families. The 4C’s of diamond are color, clarity and cut. These are the factors that determine the value of a diamond. A diamond’s value is determined by its combination of carat, color, clarity, and cut. You can learn how to select the best solitaire engagement rings based on the four C’s of a diamond by reading our article The introduction of the 4Cs of the diamond.

You can use the following rule of thumb to help you decide on a solitaire engagement band. The most popular engagement ring shape is the round, followed closely by the square-cut princess solitaire ring. Different diamond cuts are possible to make each piece unique, as everyone has their own style and tastes.

The most popular metals for the ring are yellow and white gold. Platinum is a popular choice for solitaire rings due to its durability and modern shine. The choice of solitaire diamond rings will depend on your personal taste and budget.

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