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Things To Check Before Buying a Phone for Gaming Purposes

Since gaming has become a career many people are concentrating on it even more than before. Playstation is a rich kid thing and most people do not own any PlayStation, so they play their games either on their laptop or on their cell phones. However, not every cell phone is good enough to bear the load of heavy games and in such scenarios, the downloading of heavy games can cause lagging issues in the phones which eventually destroy the fun of games. Therefore, you must consider a cell phone that runs all the heavy and new games smoothly.

Things to check before buying a phone for gaming purpose

If you are someone who is into gaming and uses their phones to fulfil the purpose then before buying your next phone you need to take care of a few things. A cell phone with good features can enhance your gaming experience even more. Moreover, if you are planning to adopt gaming as a career then you must have a good enough phone that will not be a hurdle at the start of your gaming career. For the convenience of all gamers, we are presenting some tips that will enhance your knowledge regarding the features you need to look at while buying a cell phone for gaming purposes:

  • Performance
  • Cooling System
  • Display Size
  • Long Battery Life
  • Memory
  • Shoulder Buttons
  • Design


The first and foremost thing is the performance of the phone as it will allow you to play games without lagging issues. Also, the phone should be powerful enough to run all these heavy games in the best possible ways. The chipset such as the Snapdragon or Mediatek helio is ideal for heavy gaming and loading of heavy scenery. 

Therefore, before buying your new phone for gaming make sure you have enough information about the chipsets so that you can check if the phone you have chosen can play heavy games or not. Some of the phones that have powerful chipsets are the OnePlus 7T, Realme C21, and Samsung galaxy note 9. 

Cooling System

Since most of the phones heat up when we play games with heavy files and loading scenes because gaming is an intensive task; therefore making sure the handset does not heat up easily or has a good cooling system is crucial. 

Also, the heating up can damage various components of the cell and decrease their lifespan. Gamers need to hold their phones for a longer time especially if some kind of league or match is going on. In such cases, a heated phone will be very difficult to hold up for a long time. Most of the phones have some liquid cooling technology or internal fan that will prevent your phone from heating up.

Display Size

Screen display size is also a very important thing to consider while buying a new phone for gaming. Since large screens will allow you to see all the graphics clearly and it will elevate your gaming experience. 5.5 inches or more than 5.5 inches would be great for you to view everything clearly. 

Realme C21 has a display of 6.5 inches that will allow you to watch each and every graphic very easily and clearly and it gives a resolution of 720×1600 pixels. Since the display size decides the enjoyment level of the game; therefore, you must consider a phone with a good display size while getting your new phone.

Long Battery Life

Another important feature that is very crucial for gamers is the long battery life because heavy games do consume lots of battery of your phone. Also, who wants to charge their phone while playing the games and if the phone dies in between a league then it will surely affect your gaming career. 

Therefore make sure to buy a phone with long battery life and with fast charging so that you don’t have to waste much of your time on charging your phone. Phones with a 5000mAh battery are enough to keep you going throughout the day and with 5000mAh the fast charging feature is like a cherry on the top. There are several phones in the market with 5000mAh batteries. Realme phones are very reasonable in price and can give you the longest battery life with fast charging feature.


Your phone must have enough memory to download all the heavy games in one go. You do not have to clear apps time and again to get enough memory; therefore, always prefer a phone with good memory so the memory full notification won’t haunt you from time to time. Along with memory, around 4GB RAM is also required so that your phone can run smoothly without any hanging issues. 

Shoulder Buttons

Although most smartphones are buttonless, a shoulder button will ease your gaming experience and make it easy for you to play the game. As some physical buttons will make it handy for the gamers to play the game. Therefore if your new phone has a shoulder button it is a plus for you.


The design of the phone matters a lot as the phone should be sizable to let you watch all the graphics properly but the size should not cause difficulty for you to hold it while playing a game. Also, the design should be cool enough to go with the persona of a gamer.

To Sum Up

Above are the mentioned things that are necessary for you to consider while buying your new gaming phone. Although there are several phones in the market, getting a phone with all the features at a budgetable price is very difficult since you have to do a lot of research and see the features of each phone before buying one for your use. 

Some phone brands such as Samsung, Vivo, and Realme are good options for your new gaming phone. Let us know in the comments below about the phone you are using to play the games. 

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