“Travel not to escape life, but life doesn’t escape you.” It is a famous saying about tourism, taking trips in regular intervals will help increase people’s efficiency and mental peace. As people are more concerned about physical health than mental health, in due fact, we should take care of our mental health as equal to our physical health. For that, trips play a vital role. One of the exciting trip ideas is whales watching Gold Coast. As whale-watching time is coming, people should tighten their seat belts to encounter something big and something to hold as a pleasant memory.

Why should people watch?

Witnessing whales is one of the rare occasions to happen. More than half of the world’s population doesn’t watch a whale in their lifetime. Gold coast is where you can see more than 30,000 water species in a stipulated time. You can see a giant whale shark, gigantic whale bottlenose dolphins, etc. So why not people witness the great festival of whales 

When can people watch?

The best time for whale watching is June to October, but enormous people prefer to watch whales in August because August is when whales start migrating from one place to another, and it’s the time of mating.

Moreover, it is recommended to witness whales in the early mornings to late afternoons so that families can have their agreeable time and enjoyment.

What to wear?

Warm layered clothes are preferable at the time of whale watching, and as people are going to be exposed to the deadly sun throughout the day so it is preferable to wear sunglasses and sunscreen. Taking a camera and binoculars is optional. People can have a camera if they want to take pics to hold that memory forever, and having binoculars will help see that gigantic species much closer than usual.

What can people see?

  • Killer whales or Orcas frequently chase in pods so that they might be sighted in California waters.
  • The baleen family, known for harsh hunting, can be spotted, especially Gray whales. They can reach the extent of nearly 50 feet.
  • People can even watch Blue whales on the gold coast. Interestingly, blue whales are considered giant creatures on planet earth. It is even contemplated as most enormous creature than dinosaurs, which lived on earth before   
  •  Many people are excited to see the North Pacific right whale, but it is rare. Only one person has seen it in their trip.

Where can people watch whales on a gold coast?

The whale-watching experience can be enjoyable if you watch those gigantic creatures from high places. It is recommended for people to witness from high vantage points or a cruise because these are the places that offer people to see whales from close range.

Those people with Acrophobia, essential people with a fear of height, can view from land. For those sets of people, it is proposed to consider Bur Leigh Hill or Elephant Rock in the north or Point Danger Lookout in the south.

Hence, the Gold Coast offers people many packages of tours to glimpse the best whale watching experience. 


These are the tremendous reasons to substantiate whale watching on the gold coast; those who got excited after reading this blog have a unique opportunity for you people to witness the same. The whale season Gold Coast 2022 will happen after this global pandemic. It’s never late to plan for a water trip, so grab your things and make a move to watch enriched species of the world.

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