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Tips and tricks of creating effective explainer videos

An explainer video is a perfect way to introduce your customers to your business or a new service or product. The aim of this video is to explain a problem that your product or service solves then show potential clients why they require it and choosing you among your competitors.

This is a lot of work for one short video to achieve but if you do it correctly an explainer video can act as a rewarding marketing strategy for your business. For your explainer video to be unique from your competitors it is important to relay your information in the most compelling way. 

In this article we are going to look at some expert tips for creating a compelling explainer video.

You can use a social media influencer to get traffic

Customers love “how- to” and unboxing videos and you can use an influencer in your own explainer videos to make capital of this. It will be more attractive when it features a popular influencer and cheaper to produce. You will also get traffic from the influencer’s audience to drive marketing success.

Keep in mind viewers have no idea what you know

Some of the things you intimately know about your product or service are new to the potential customer. Do not assume that the customer knows what you already know. You should take some time to go through the basics and speak in a well understood language.

Clarity and conciseness

At the beginning of the explainer video properly introduce what you will be explaining and its importance. You can also present the information in a visually attractive manner. After following these steps keep the clip short. The audience have a shorter attention span so ensure that you drive the point home fast and in a memorable way.

Gather data on your customers social media comments to get clues on tone.

You can gather customer information like social media comments, keyword research, forums and website search data to get an idea of explainer video topics. You should also check comments and figure out tonal clues. Check out comments about a topic which have words like “really” if they are skeptical. Such clues should direct the tone and making of explainer videos to ensure the audience receive relatable content.

Capitalize on branding and movement

When creating an explainer video ensure that the first 8 seconds of the video include branding and movement. Movement attracts the viewer to the video while branding enables the viewer to remember the next similar videos. You can also use captions or B-roll clips to enhance the footage and involve viewers who watch in mute mode.

Use a short script

Use a concise clip that is easily understood by the audience. It should not be too advanced or trivial. You need to lay down a simple goal that emanates from a real problem that your target audience is experiencing. You script will naturally flow once you have your goal in place. You can capture the attention of your audience with a short explanation of the problem then define the processes leading to the solution.

Avoid unnecessary distraction

The main aim of explainer videos is simply explaining. Sometimes producer will overdo it and what is meant to be a straight forward explainer video will be filled with irrelevant things. The fewer the distractions the consumer becomes more attentive on the subject matter.

Catch up with a fast-changing world

The audience need to receive immediate answers to their problems as fast as possible. Hence you should avoid out of topic stories. The video should be short and straight to the point if you are uploading it to your website. This is the first part of the visitor’s user experience as they continue to browse for additional information.

Use graphics

Effective explainer videos use graphics to help the audience understand the subject matter. Illustrations should be used to drive the pint home through images. This is the reason as to why explainer videos have been known to be useful through breaking down information. They are appealing to visual and auditory learners.

Put context with captivating images or terms

Explainer videos normally act as an introduction to your services or products, therefore ensure that you have engaging content. Make sure that you add clear and straight to the point information that adds context without any difficulty. You can add SEO focus keywords and images to highlight vital features of your product or service.

Create a captivation story with the script

A visually attractive video lacking a compelling script will not be effective. To make a converting script would involve clearly defining your goals for your business and your video. You can then create a storyline that clearly delivers the information to your audience.

Create a storyboard

 This helps you prepare and put down key points you want to put in your explainer video based on the contribution of actual customers. Before producing the video refine the storyboard and more people review it and contribute new opinions. Keep the information simple and straight to the point and explain technical concepts in an easily understood manner.

High video production quality.

This denotes a creatively written script, concise and high-quality video. Ensure that you use the latest equipment to shoot video. Ensure that the actor or narrator is lively and can be easily understood. They should not be too scripted or robotic. Common cheap videos portray a negative image to the brand. Strictly adhere to high quality video production tips.

Answer the frequently asked questions

It is important for you to understand your target audience problems through creating content that offers solutions to their worries. It might seem simple but is often ignored sometimes.

Highlight the benefits of your products or services.

Take time to explain to your customers about the benefits of your products or services rather than creating how to videos. The most important thing is the proof that your product or service offers solution to the problem at hand.

In summary, making explainer video might seem to be an easy thing but small important factors can be overlooked. Remember to always keep the customer first and relay all information in a clear and concise manner that is well understood by the target audience. In this fast-changing world viewers have a shorter attention and video producers like Spiel emphasize that if your explainer video does not capture the viewer’s attention within the first eight seconds, you’ve just lost a potential customer.

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