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Tips For Using a Plastic Postcard Mailer

When you need to send out a mailing, using a plastic postcard mailer is a great option. These postcards have a number of advantages, from cost per piece to Customization options. To make the process easier, here are some tips:

Die-cut plastic postcards

If you’re looking for a postcard mailing solution that’s cost-effective and highly-responsive, consider a die-cut plastic postcard. The postcard’s durable design allows it to be customized with a signature panel, variable data, a scratch-off surface, or custom artwork. The versatile design can accommodate a variety of marketing campaigns, from general awareness to client acquisition mailings. In addition to the postcard’s basic features, die-cut plastic postcards can also be made into key tags, wallet cards, or other reusable materials.

A die-cut postcard can be designed to correspond with a theme or image. Besides creating a lasting impression, die-cut postcards can also have a strong tactile factor. This allows the recipient to interact with the design elements, which increases the chances of the card being read. Die-cut postcards can also incorporate interactive folds, which can give the reader something to interact with. However, be sure to choose a design that complements your brand’s personality.

If you’re planning a special campaign for a specific event, a die-cut plastic postcard mailer is the perfect solution. This custom postcard can be used for a birth announcement, baby shower invitations, thank-you notes, or gender reveal announcements. A die-cut postcard can be used for marketing and advertising purposes as well, as its unique shape stands out in a crowded mailbox. Die-cutting is a process similar to using a cookie cutter, wherein a custom shape is stamped into a heavy die. Once the shape has been stamped onto the die, the piece is cut out.


To save on your mailing costs, you can use a plastic postcard mailer. These mailers have two options: automated processing or presorted mailing. Presorted processing allows you to prepare your pieces in advance and save money on postage. You can also use automated processing if you have high volume mailings. However, if you don’t have a large mailing list or are not using automation, you can use retail postage, which is less expensive and doesn’t require any special preparation. Both types of postage cost a few cents a piece.

Customization options

Plastic postcard mailer has several benefits that make it a great choice for marketing campaigns. Its glossy and detailed design and customizable message make it highly attractive to consumers. Additionally, the thick plastic coating keeps the message front and center. This allows for better visibility for your marketing messages and helps you create a more personalized experience. Your customers will appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into creating your postcards. These benefits make it an excellent choice for marketing campaigns, whether you’re looking to increase sales or simply build customer loyalty.

Personalized and addressed postcards are some of the custom options available for plastic postcard mailer. These products are durable and made from 30 mil composite plastic. Each plastic postcard has a glossy overlaminate for an added touch of sturdiness. Customization options for plastic postcard mailers can include variable data, a signature panel, a scratch-off area, and more. The plastic postcard mailer can also be customized to fit your brand identity and marketing budget.

For an added bonus, you can customize your plastic postcard mailer with a pop-out card to entice potential consumers. In addition to the scratch-off area, you can also add other content, such as membership cards or gift certificates. A plastic postcard mailer is a versatile marketing tool that can help you grow your business while impressing prospective customers. The plastic postcard mailer also works well for home services, such as landscaping, house cleaning, HVAC, and pest control. The plastic postcard mailer is ideal for franchises, as you can customize it with approved logos and art.

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