Top 10 Best Dell Laptop Price

The need for laptops and their accessories is increasing every day as they have an evolving technology.

Dell company is one the best or the best laptop around the globe, so there is availability in every type of laptop.

They are popular because of their Dell Laptop Price, performance, efficiency, and diversity at every level.

Dell laptop price ranges from a few to several thousand. So, a laptop in every budget.

Top 10 Best Dell Laptop Prices in India

1. Dell Vostro 3500

This laptop has the best uses as a professional and personal laptop because of its specifications.

It comes in a black body and a 15.6 FHD anti-glare LED screen, which helps in working long hours.

An Intel 11th Gen i5 coprocessor with 4.2 CPU speed and an integrated graphics card providing better performance.

With an 8GB ram size and 512GB hard disk, this dell laptop price is around 59k.

2. Dell New Inspiron 3511 Intel i3

A student and personal laptop with favoring specifics make it a popular choice among them.

It has a fast and efficient performance due to the Intel i3 core processor with 1.7Ghz speed and integrated graphic card.

An optimal option for students as they have DDR4 8GB RAM and a 15.6 Inch screen.

This dell laptop price has the best cost-efficient for the users. 

3. Dell New G15 5511 Gaming Laptop Intel i5

They give fast gameplay because of their Intel core i5 processor in dedicated NVIDIA RTX 3050 graphic card.

With a DDR4 8GB RAM for 15.6 inches LED screen and 120Hz Windows 11.

This dell laptop price varies around 68k on different websites.

4. Dell XPS 9300

Made for professional and gaming uses. This laptop comes in a variety of options for your convenience.

Intel i5 processor with 3.6Ghz speed and 13.3-inch FHD eye-safe screen give prime conditions for working.

They have DDR4 8GB RAM and 512GB hard disk size to provide storage advantage.

This dell laptop price swings around 90k for this particular specifications.

5. Dell Inspiron 15 3501

Again a model of the Inspiron series, which is best known for professional and personal uses.

They have DDR4 8GB RAM and 1TB hard disk, enough space for better performance.

An Intel i3 processor with  3.4Ghz speed and a 15.6-inch LED display gives the best working experience.

This dell laptop price hangs around 40k, given the best cost-per-performance ratio.

6. Dell Alienware x14

The Intel core i7 3.5Ghz processor and a 6GB NVIDIA graphic card give the best gaming experience.

You get better gameplay because of DDR6 32GB RAM and 1TB hard disk from a 14-inch FHD display.

This dell laptop price is around 200k but worth the money.

7. Dell Vostro 3400

This model of the Vostro series is a personal and professional laptop because of its specification.

A 14-inch FHD display with DDR4 8GB RAM, 1TB hard disk, and 256GB SSD ROM gives enough space to work.

It comes with Intel core i5 11th gen, and Windows 10 OS provides an easy and fast performance.

This dell laptop price is around 50k for a notebook-type laptop.

8. Dell XPS 13 7390

A stylish laptop with high-end specifications is something all professional users want.

An Intel core i5 10th gen with a 3.06Ghz speed and 13.4-inch display gives the best possible conditions for work.

With a DDR4 8GB RAM and 512GB, hard disk size in Windows 10 OS provides a smooth performance.

This dell laptop price hangs around 100k prime considering such conditions.

9. Dell Alienware M15 

They have a DDR6 16GB RAM and 512GB hard disk size optimal for beast mode gameplay.

It’s smooth and fast working because of the Ryzen 7 4.4Ghz speed processor with a 15.6-inch screen.

With Windows 11 OS, this dell laptop price is a bit expensive but reasonable for such an experience.

10. Dell Latitude 5420

This laptop has a simple yet stylish look with superior specifications for personal and professional uses.

A 14-inch anti-glare screen and DDR4 8GB RAM in Windows 10 OS give the best experience.

Because of the Intel core i5 with a 2.4 GHz speed processor and the graphic card, they have efficient working.

This dell laptop price swings around 100k, with a backlit keyboard and 256GB hard disk.


The list has different Dell laptop prices, types, models, and specifications. In short, choose according to you as there are many options.

A Dell laptop price can vary among the same model with different specifications.

There is a Dell laptop for every purpose and budget range. Hence, know your use and budget before getting one.

Hence choose the right one for you, meanwhile knowing the pros and cons of that laptop model.

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