Top 3 tips for men to last longer in bed

Sex is meant to be enjoyed by both partners or by people involved. The moment one partner enjoys it more than the other; it becomes somewhat difficult to tag it as “enjoyable sex.” One of the main reasons why women do not enjoy sex is that most men do not last more than a minute or two for every round of sex. This could be tiring and frustrating both for the man and the woman. Hence, it is important that as a man, you understand your body and can predict when you want to cum. Being able to control your orgasm as a man is one of the skills you need to have up your sleeves else, you might become an object of ridicule as time goes on. 

Indeed, sex shouldn’t be quantified based on the time spent but when it becomes unreasonable like spending less than 2 minutes for every round of sex, questions must be asked. So, how do you last longer in bed as a man? If you are such that cannot control your orgasm or you’ve been sourcing means to understand how to control it and last much longer in bed while having sex, you should read this to the very end. 

Here are some of the tips to help you improve on bed 

  • Get help from your partner: 

Ask questions from your partner. Allow them to help you get through this phase. There are some positions that when you take them, could induce the rate at which you orgasm as a man. If your partner is aware of your condition, they help you make this easier by taking those positions. So, swapping sexual positions at times could be all you need to last longer in bed. Also, while having sex and you feel you are about to orgasm or you feel your cum build-up, you could have a safe word that on saying it, your partner takes it slowly till you feel the cum stop, then you can continue. 

  • Watch porn regularly: 

Before having sex, you might want to watch HD porn videos to help you prepare for sex. The more you watch porn clips and masturbate, the more you begin to understand your body in another dimension. Masturbation serves as the learning phase for you to explore and understand your body. So, while you watch porn and masturbate, you can begin exercising control over your body. Over time, you begin to notice some changes and differences. 

  • Kegels: 

Kegels are exercises that help you keep your pelvic floor muscles rigid. The more you take these exercises, the more control you have over the muscles in that area. With this, you get to control when you orgasm and how you orgasm. So, instead of relying on pills, consider Kegels 

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