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Top 5 Reasons For Choosing Saskatchewan Immigration

In the past few years, the Canadian province of Saskatchewan has experienced significant growth in terms of population and economy. As a result, the province has transformed into a prime destination for businesses and immigrants. If you are looking to shift to Saskatchewan to live or work, you can apply for a Canada tourist visa and start your journey there. In 5 to 6 years, there has been a heavy influx of people relocating through Saskatchewan immigration.

With a vibrant economy supported by minerals, oil & gas, and other natural resources, it is not a big surprise that it has attracted business from all across the world. However, there is more to Saskatchewan than flat forest land & harsh winters. The region offers enticing wages, numerous employment opportunities, flexible government, and exponential economic growth. Hence, many startups and big brand companies have opened their offices in Saskatchewan, giving people opportunities through Canada tourist visa. Here are five key pointers why you should seriously think about Saskatchewan immigration.

5 Reasons for choosing Saskatchewan immigration

– Favorable Immigration Policies and Help

Each year, Saskatchewan welcomes approximately 9,000 immigrants from over 180 countries across the globe with the help of Canada tourist visas. What attracts immigrants to Saskatchewan is its friendly Provincial Nominee Program that is designed to make Saskatchewan immigration hassle-free for individuals with experience & skills that are in high demand. Moreover, for the past ten years, Saskatchewan has had more individuals relocating to the province rather than leaving for a different place.

– Numerous Job Opportunities

Saskatchewan province has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Canada, which is around 3.9%. In contrast, the national average is around 7 % which is quite reassuring for immigrants who relocate to the province using Canada tourist visas. Furthermore, with more and more companies and startups settling in this area with their offices and manufacturing setups, the unemployment rate will continue to drop and stay relatively low, making Saskatchewan immigration a delight for job seekers across the world. 

– Vibrant Economic Growth & Population

For many years in a row, the fastest growing cities of Canada have been on the prairies, as per the new report of Statistics Canada. It shows that Saskatchewan and its nearby areas are the second fastest-growing city in Canada, with Regina and its surrounding areas being the fourth fastest-growing city after Saskatchewan. Regarding economic growth, The Conference Board of Canada & Bank of Montreal believes that Saskatchewan will lead the country in the coming years when it comes to economic growth and Saskatchewan immigration. The province is experiencing continuous growth, and at the same time, it has youth on its side. Saskatchewan has the youngest population in Canada, with an average age of 34.5, while the overall average age is over 40 years old in the entire country.

– Ample Salary and Top-Class Education System 

For the past few years, the median weekly wages for employees working in Saskatchewan province have been steadily rising to around $970, making it the third-highest in Canada. Another improvement in Saskatchewan employment is that the average salary has also been constantly increasing for the past decade. Seeing Saskatchewan’s growth even during the economic downfall in Canada makes Saskatchewan’s immigration even more worth it as there are significantly fewer chances of returning to the home country due to the loss of jobs.  

Additionally, Canada’s education system is top-class, and Saskatchewan is also committed to providing Saskatchewan learners with all the necessary assistance that will enhance their literacy to multiple folds, which will improve the employability of all major sectors. Putting the needs of every student on a priority basis will ensure the growth of a highly-skilled, educated population that will contribute to the further economic and social success of Saskatchewan. This aspect is crucial for immigrants to apply for Canada tourist visas to later settle in Saskatchewan with their families as they know that education is given the highest priority in the province. 

– The Graduate Retention Program and Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

The Graduate Retention Program is Saskatchewan’s master stroke to make the province the must-be place for recently graduated students. It is a credit (with both nonrefundable and refundable portions) that refunds tuition fees up to $20,000 to post-secondary graduates who stay and work in the Saskatchewan province for 7 or more years after their graduation.

There is also a Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program that creates a path toward getting a chance to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence. As well, there are various SINP programs for immigrants looking for permanent residency options. Saskatchewan’s immigration programs have been very accommodating to foreign nationals from all over the world.

Saskatchewan immigration might be the best way to settle in Canada to live your dream life. You can apply for a Canada tourist visa and start your journey by working in top companies established in the most economically improved and friendly province of Saskatchewan. The above 5 reasons are probably the driving force for you to make an informed decision about choosing Saskatchewan’s immigration as the next move in boosting your career and prospects. 

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