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Vastu Tips: How To Boost Positive Energy In Your Home

Vastu is an ancient science that concerns itself with space, time, and architecture. Vastu basically combines all the five elements of nature and balances them with the material and the man. In simple words, we can say that Vastu is a section that deals with architecture, buildings, and spaces, and it helps in making the structures, placements, and alignments of these architectures in such a way that they provide you enhanced health, wealth, happiness and prosperity. 

Nowadays, more and more people are believing in this ancient science, and all of them are trying to make their houses, offices, and other buildings on the basis of Vastu. This is also a good thing as Vastu has a lot of advantages, and it can play a really significant role in your life. If you plan your house according to Vastu, then it can have good effects on different aspects of your life, such as wealth, career, lifestyle, and love life. 

Vastu can also help you maintain mental harmony, keep you mentally and physically active, and improve your character and lifestyle. Better understanding between your family, and many more. So, are you searching for an online vastu consultation for your home? Do you need some Vastu tips for your home? If yes, is the answer to all these, we would like to tell you that we have everything you are searching for. Here are some Vastu tips that you should follow to boost positive energy in your home.

Vastu Tips For Home

  1. Vastu For Main Entrance Doorway

Vastu says that the main entrance of a house is not only the entry area for the family members but also for the positive energy. The main door of your home should face the north, east, or northeast directions. All other directions can bring bad luck for you. Avoid placing any water-centric decorative element outside the main door of the house. Also, avoid placing a dustbin or shoe rack outside the house’s main door. Make sure you do not use black paint to paint the main door or entrance of your house. 

  1. Vastu For The Living Room

As you all know, the living room is the most activity-centred area of your house as all the social gatherings and other things take place there. Your living room should be northeast, northwest, east, or north facing only. If you want to place a mirror in your living room, place it on the north wall. All heavy furniture should be placed in the southwest or west direction, and all electronic appliances should be placed in the southeast direction. 

  1. Vastu For The Bedroom

The bedroom should be in the southwest direction to enhance good health and prosperity. This will also enhance good relations between the couple. You should avoid placing a mirror or television in front of your bed as your reflection should not be visible in the mirror or television the whole day and especially while sleeping. Avoid having a temple or painting of water fountains in your bedroom. Also, burn aromatic oils and use mood lighting in your bedroom to enhance positive energies in your bedroom. Paint your walls in neutral or earthy colours, which will attract positive energy to that room. 

  1. Vastu For The Courtyard

The courtyard can be considered your house’s holiest and most powerful zone. This section of your house should be clutter-free and spotless. If the bathroom, kitchen, or any pillar is aligned in that area, it can attract negative energy and bring you bad health and family problems. Avoid using black paint in your courtyard, or we can say avoid the use of black paint in your entire house. 

  1. Vastu For The Meditation Room

The meditation room should be in the northeast or east direction of your home. Facing the east direction for meditation will increase positivity, bringing good health to you. Use white, yellow, green, or beige colour light in this area to create a good ambiance for you. Try avoiding very dark colours. 

When Should You Visit A Vastu Expert?

There is no specific time to visit a Vastu Expert. Most people prefer to visit a Vastu expert when looking for a new property or building a new house or office. So, if you are planning to buy a new property and want to construct it according to Vastu, then you should surely visit a Vastu Expert at that time.

Many people also keep visiting Vastu Experts regularly to check their homes’ positive energies and boost them. If you are looking for a Vastu Expert, you can search for a Vastu expert near me on any search engine. You can contact a Vastu expert online and can take advice from them. 

These are some essential things you should keep in mind while buying a new property. We will be back soon with more updates like these; till then, stay tuned.

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