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8 Best Characteristics Of Serverwala VPS Malaysia For Business

Are you getting low performance on your website? If yes, then this article is for you to grow your business by upgrading your web hosting to Serverwala VPS Malaysia. Serverwala is a popular hosting company in the World that offers VPS Hosting at an affordable price in Malaysia. Also, VPS Malaysia is the best solution for the online business to grow their website visibility and performance of the website faster on search engines. It offers various benefits to the online business that includes- complete root access, high storage, and bandwidth, 1GBPS Network Speed so the website can load quickly, 24×7 Technical Support, and more key features under VPS Hosting. Here you will learn about the 8 Best characteristics of VPS. 

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About VPS Malaysia

The term VPS is a Virtual Private Server. VPS is a hosting service for online businesses to host their website in Malaysia. VPS offers better performance to the website is loading quickly in Malaysia at an affordable cost. It is mainly for online businesses such as web developers, software developers, applications, e-commerce, and other online businesses. 

Different Types of VPS

vps malaysia

The VPS Hosting Malaysia is of two types- Managed and Unmanaged Hosting.

Managed Hosting

It is a type of VPS Hosting that is mainly preferred by new businesses, inexperienced users, and who are looking for extra assistance when starting a new venture online. Under Managed VPS plan, the user and the hosting company share the responsibilities when it comes to server management, performance optimization, and administration. The user will get full support assistance with the initial server, OS setup, and Security configuration. 

Also, the hosting provider takes the various tasks and the task left for the client such as Software, Plugin Installation, Server maintenance, Upgradation of applications, and more. If you have any technical problem then you can contact for the support. 

Unmanaged Hosting

It is mainly for the user who has the good technical knowledge and can manage a server easily. 

In Unmanaged Hosting, some Initial setup and Operating System Installation are done by the provider, and the rest of the VPS operations are done by the client. The benefits of using Unmanaged VPS are that the user has full control over the server. Also, it comes at an affordable price with high scalability and customization options. 

8 Best Characteristics of Severwala VPS Malaysia

Nowadays, Serverwala VPS has become an excellent choice for online businesses. Because it provides better performance and various features to its users. The best characteristics of VPS Malaysia are- 

Affordable Cost

VPS Server Malaysia offers the best performance to the sites to load quickly at an affordable cost. You will get various benefits under Serverwala VPS that includes- complete root access, 99.90% Uptime, high scalability to scale up the website as per your needs, and large storage and bandwidth. The most advanced benefit you will get under this is the data backup option. It helps to protect your data safe and secure from cyber hackers.  


You will get 99.90% uptime under VPS Server. It will perform quickly on time and helps visitors to get the resources faster on SERP. 

Complete Root Access

VPS Malaysia provides complete root access to its users. You can easily operate and control the server. Also, you can install and update the software, applications, and programs as per your needs. 

Guaranteed Resources

Serverwala VPS Server gives a dedicated allocation of resources. It is an excellent feature of VPS Hosting Malaysia. You will get 99.90% Uptime, large storage, unlimited bandwidth, and advanced security in the VPS plan.


It is the best advantage for online businesses that they can increase their scalability according to their business requirement. Therefore, it helps the websites to load fastly on the search engine.

1 GBPS Network Speed

VPS Malaysia provides a maximum 1 GBPS Network Speed with unlimited bandwidth and highly secure connections for faster connectivity. This will help you to increase the performance of your website on the search engine. 


VPS Server Malaysia is highly protected and secure with firewalls. This will help your website secure the data and information from cyber-attacks such as malware, phishing attacks, DDoS attacks, and more. Serverwala VPS is the best solution for online businesses to take the website under VPS.  

Technical Support

The Hosting offers 24×7 technical support to its users in Malaysia. Therefore, if any type of technical issue occurs on your system then you can easily contact the high expertise IT team through Phone calls, Live Chat, Ticket System, and Email. 


Above you have learned about the characteristics of VPS Malaysia for Business. It is the best option for online businesses such as E-commerce, Software Developers, Web Developers, Game Makers, and more. You can upgrade your server to Serverwala VPS Hosting in Malaysia to get the high speed and performance of your website. Also, the good thing is the cheap Malaysia VPS comes at an affordable cost. 

Moreover, you can easily scale the storage and bandwidth as per your needs. This may benefit your business in generating more leads and make your business successful in an affordable way.

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