What is social media marketing ?

What is social media marketing ?

So we come to a definition of social media marketing or social media marketing. It is that subset of web marketing that works to plan, manage and control marketing and communication activities on social media. There are mainly two actions that the head of social media marketing carries out. It activates and manages frequent conversations within its own online spaces, also known as owned media (for example the company Facebook page, website or blog) and at the same time encourages some “more popular” interlocutors . That is, they in turn have a reputation in the target audience, to share information or advertisements with their followers, to create buzzNetwork.

We can therefore say that the success or failure of a social media campaign depends a lot on the ability to involve and stimulate interaction with the reference social networks. In fact, a parameter that is measured and monitored is that of engagement with the company or brand , which can be more or less intense. They range from the simple like to the creation of original content on the product maybe posted on a personal blog.

The role of the editorial plan in social media marketing

Let’s now explore a topic of great interest for those who may have recently opened a company social page , be it on Facebook or Instagram or any other platform. One goal that you must never lose sight of when thinking about the web is to create and share quality content. This is because the algorithms of the platforms themselves are based on user experience. If, for example, we have published a funny video , which is seen and reviewed, saved and shared on Instagram, the platform will reward us, showing it to more users.

A good social media manager should therefore work on a real social media marketing (SMM) plan, with the objectives to be pursued, the actions, the target personas , the accounts from which to publish the contents, the various types of posts expected and the dates of publication, including the timetable . If the manager has other employees under him, the names of those who will work on each content must be indicated, as well as of course the tone to be used . For example, more informal for engagement, more composed when it comes to corporate values ​​or in the service phase. The important thing, in addition to providing quality content, is also to post continuously .

As a first step , you can try to follow the rule of thirds : one third of the posts will be dedicated to communicating the business , its culture, the values ​​that guide it. Another third, on the other hand, will be able to deepen stories, perhaps exciting or even amusing, concerning their sector, to provide information and talk about “hot” topics. Finally, a third of the content can be more devoted to conversion, that is, to the sale of their services or goods, possibly through influencers and creators.

Calculate the ROI of Social media marketing

This is a very difficult assessment to make, because the whole set of actions carried out in social media marketing do not generally have immediate repercussions on turnover, as can be an advertising campaign on Google. Social media marketing, although increasingly aimed at satisfying the curiosity and needs of the public, should still be evaluated on the basis of other codes. If, for example, a company has just entered the online world , its desire could be to generate brand awareness, so a good ROI could be the decisive increase in fans to the business page on Facebook.

Other objectives that can be achieved with social media marketing are loyalty or an excellent customer experience, but these are hardly measurable metrics. In any case, there are specific tools (software) that allow you to monitor the sentiment towards a brand (positive or negative consideration) and also the tone of conversations about the brand, for example Hootsuite . The real increases in turnover consequential to the presence on social media can only be assessed, always in an inaccurate way, only in the long term.

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