​​What is the Difference Between Body Spray and Roll-on Deodorant?

When summer is at its peak, it becomes difficult to deal with the heat and sweaty smells. However, we love to smell fantastic and for this, we try numerous products like perfume, body spray, roll-on deodorant, and more.

Yes, products are beneficial and help in eliminating body odour. But, did you know every product has different properties and purposes? If not, then through this article we will help you in understanding the main differences between body spray and roll-on deodorant. Once you understand the nitty-gritty of these two, you can easily choose the best one as per your requirements.

Roll-on deodorant

Roll-on deodorant comes with a rolling ball moistened with gel or liquid. You have to move the product on the underarm and a thin layer of antiperspirant deodorant will cover the skin. Furthermore, there are many other aspects of roll-on deodorant that you must know.

  • Roll-on deodorants are compact and come in small packaging. This type of deodorant is perfect for people who live life on the go like – business travellers, athletes,  adventurers, etc.
  • You can carry roll-on deo conveniently in your gym bag, or purse, or can pack it in your luggage.
  • These deodorants do not leave any trace of any strain on the clothes as they contain a clear formula.
  • Roll-on deodorants provide a controllable amount of product at a time. Sometimes this type of odour eliminator delivers a good amount of active ingredients in comparison to spray deodorants. This makes the product highly effective and ensures a good smell throughout the day. 

Body spray deodorants

Spray deodorants come in a compressed metal can. It sprays a fine mist and the formulation contains a mixture of propellants, perfume, and active ingredients. Just like roll-on deodorants, sprays also have different characteristics that you should know.

  • Spray deodorants get into the skin quickly because of their fine mist consistency.
  • This deodorant is versatile because along with underarms, you can also apply this product to different parts of the body.
  • Spray deodorants are like perfume, it fills the space with a sweet smell and people notice it.

Roll-on Vs Spray Deodorant – Which is better?

Roll-on and spray deodorant both are used to reduce the bad body odour caused by bacteria, dirt, and sweat. Using deodorants gives you the feeling of confidence and makes you feel comfortable. But, both the products are different in many ways, some of the major differences are noted below.

  • The major difference between both the products is their packaging. Roll-on deodorant comes in a plastic bottle with a ball on the top of it. While spray deodorant comes in an aerosol can.
  • If used properly, both the products can give effective results and help in reducing body odour.
  • Sometimes it has been noticed that in some places it is restricted to carry spray bottles, so while travelling it is better to carry roll-on deodorant.
  • People who are sensitive to particles in the air should not use spray deodorant or if using they should make sure to apply it carefully.
  • However, spray deodorants are almost similar to perfume and last longer.

Both the products are better in some or other ways, but which to buy totally depends on your personal preferences. While making the purchase you just need to check the fragrance and the product’s chemical properties. Also, you need to ensure buying deodorant from reliable brands like Avon. These brands have a wide range of options to explore and choose from. 

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