best walking shoes for flat feet and overpronation

What shoes to wear if you Overpronate?

Let’s now take a look at the 14 best walking shoes for excessive pronation and flat feet.

As already mentioned, the decisive test for the level of comfort and support of the shoes is Disney World.

If at the end of the day you put on your shoes and your feet still feel weird, this is the right shoe you should change. Read for more information best walking shoes for flat feet and overpronation

What makes Saucony Omni one of the best walking shoes for flat feet and bumps:

Corrects and reduces the effects of excessive pronation and reduces pain by properly straightening the joints, knees, and back.
It provides unrivaled comfort when standing on the concrete floor all day. Makes walking fun and painful.
Stimulates long-distance walking at a fast pace at a reasonable level of comfort without scratching, scratching, or smearing.
Helps prevent ankle sprains.
Saucony Grid Omni is one of the best walking shoes available for excessive pronation. He has enough control over his movement to help correct problems with overwork and flat feet and reduce heel pain. This Walker has a casual comfortable design and is as such and is full of plenty of cushioning and support.


It is made with a full leather surface that looks clean and simple but is not as breathable as those with a mesh surface.

If you look at the heel support, you can say that this shoe is quite firm and provides a lot of comfort around the collar.

Another nice thing about the Grid Omni is that it has enough space for your fingers to play naturally. Although leather shoes are often a little tight, the Omni is not a problem for most users. The top looks a bit cozy but comfortable and reliable for those who need strength, especially for those who need something that will provide them with support for long walks and long work shifts.

The heel is deep but less likely to cause discomfort combined with high arch support. In this respect, the Grid Omni is modest and comfortable.

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The Grid Omni midsole is made of durable EVA foam, which not only provides comfort but is also structurally handy for those who have flat feet and problems with overwork.

The shoe also has a Grid rear foot suspension system that helps reduce the impact of your strikes. In addition, there is a 12mm drop from heel to toe, which should transfer some force to the front of the landing and a less general impact on the heel.


As for the insole, it has good cushioning and comfort underfoot. It is a soft texture with a high wall that keeps the foot in place and guarantees more comfortable movement when walking.

The insole is not too thick and the arch is not as high as you would find in a Vionic shoe, but it offers good support.

For those who need a little more strength or stiffer overall support, you will notice that the pad can be removed and replaced with your own choice of orthodontics. In short, the Saucony liner looks quite modest. It is softer with a more sprung insole for those who need a little more general stiffness.


The sole is made of durable rubber material, which provides sufficient traction and medium overall flexibility.

Omni doesn’t get dirty, so you can be sure you won’t scratch the floor when walking.

It is one of the best-rated walking shoes for excessive pronation, flat feet, and plantar fasciitis and can also be used for work and medium-sized activities in the gym that do not involve heavy running.


While it may seem a little tight when testing, it usually matches the size and you may not have to order up or down to get what you deserve. But for those who need security, there is the option to buy both regular and wide sizes, which is much easier.

Overall, Saucony Grid Omni is getting some weird reviews on the internet for those who suffer from excessive pronation, flat feet, and heel pain.

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