Whirlpool Refrigerator Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Fridge for Your Home

If you are looking for a perfect fridge to purchase for your home, you can definitely consider buying the Whirlpool refrigerator. Apart from its superior design and functionality, it is quite affordable too. The Whirlpool refrigerator price starts from a very reasonable range. To help you further, here is a complete refrigerator buying guide that will aid you in choosing the ideal fridge for your home. 

Choose adequate Capacity 

A refrigerator’s capacity is expressed in liters. In addition, the capacity range of the appliance has increased exponentially from the lowest capacity to the highest capacity. An important aspect, however, asks for your undivided attention. It is the size of your family. This decides how much food you will store in your refrigerator. 

The right capacity is an important factor to be considered when purchasing a whirlpool refrigerator. A 150 to 250-liter refrigerator should be adequate for a family of two or three people. On the other side, you might want to choose a 250 to 500-liter one if you have a larger household of four to five people. However, a 250 to 350-liter fridge should be adequate for a family of four. The refrigerator price is higher for larger capacities. 

Prefer the right defrosting type

Direct cooling technology in refrigerators is one of the best and is of great help in cooling the contents. However, there are a few drawbacks of the direct cooling technology that bring about a huge difference in its performance. The refrigerator will need to manually defrost on a regular basis. This technique has innumerable benefits, including the fact that these refrigerators are cheaper than other models and use less electricity. 

Frost-free refrigerators are another option. As the name implies, there is no frost or ice to contend with, when using a frost-free refrigerator. These freezers use electric fans to distribute the cold air in an even manner. With this technique, ice cannot build up inside the sections, protecting your food from freezer burn. It is the latest technology that is great implementing in the new models of refrigerators. 

The door style of your preference

Choosing the door style or the Whirlpool refrigerator type is the next step in making the choice while purchasing a refrigerator. Some people prefer French-door refrigerators because of their slimmer profile and broader drawers and shelves, while others favor them because of the larger freezer space they get with them. 

There are essentially six different styles of Whirlpool refrigerators: French Door refrigerator, Single Door Refrigerator, Double Door refrigerator, and Triple Door refrigerator. All of these doors and their associated Whirlpool refrigerators have a unique set of features. Therefore, you must keep your needs as a priority and then make a choice. 

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The design of the door(s) and the body

Since you’ll be using it every day, the refrigerator’s finish and design can significantly enhance the appearance of your kitchen as a whole. Consider a refrigerator that has a modern appearance and will seamlessly fit into the decor of your room. Though it won’t hold magnets, stainless steel is the finish that consumers choose most. The body is robust and doesn’t wither easily. 

Having a smart Whirlpool refrigerator will make your room look prettier. The black stainless-steel coating on certain modern refrigerators is also easier to maintain and less dirty. Although these finishes are not offered on high-end models, you can also choose colors like red. 

Prioritise 5-star rating

Always seek the Energy Star logo when purchasing a new or used refrigerator, since it will inform you how much electricity the appliance uses per unit. Opting for a 5-star energy-rated appliance will help you save a lot of money on power bills. The higher the rating, the higher the level of energy conservation would be. That is why 5-star rated electronic appliances is highly preferred by the crowd. The higher the star rating, the less electricity it will need. A 5-star refrigerator is more expensive than a 2-star. It will lessen the expenses. This might also affect the refrigerator price. 

Pick the right type of compressor

The refrigerator’s inside temperatures are kept stable by compressors. It’s important to remember that medium and large refrigerators typically arrive with inverter compressors, whereas smaller refrigerators typically come with generic compressors. You need to choose the right type of compressor that will perfectly complement your usage. The refrigerator price might vary depending on the type of compressor used. However, there won’t be a large difference owing to this alone in the refrigerator price. 
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