Why Awnings Are Perfect For The Summer!

If you want to beautify your home, while simultaneously providing shade, sun, and light protection, and creating a cosy nook for your family, we have a suggestion. When the weather allows you to sit outside without your jacket on, it’s high time to think about installing an awning. You need to think about those hot summer days and how to make your garden perfect for barbies and summer parties. Let’s see why awnings are perfect for summer.

You’ll always have perfect shade in your garden

If you want to spend your time in the outdoor area of your home, you need to create shade. Not only will the awning provide shade, but it will also shelter you from those unpredictable summer weather. In some areas of the world, the sun can be replaced with rain in a matter of minutes. If this is where you live, even if the sudden downpour happens, you simply won’t be bothered.

A bit of refreshing rain won’t bother you at all, because you’ll stay safe and dry under your awning. Even if you have barbeque planned for friends and the weather forecast says rain in the afternoon, it won’t ruin your planets because you are covered, literally and metaphorically.

UV protection

Sun is both good to us and can be damaging. We need to be exposed to at least 15 minutes of sunlight daily so our bodies can produce Vitamin D and keep us healthy. Sunlight exposure is also great against depression because it can improve the mood, boost energy and helps us sleep better.

But, you can’t spend an entire day under the scorching light if you want to spend as much time in your outdoor area. You need shade, so you’ll be protected against harmful UV lights. Sun is great for our health, but the problem lies in too much exposure without any protection. An awning that blocks UV rays can be just the protection we need to sip on ice tea and read a book in our backyard.

 Awnings come in different patterns and colours

Depending on the type of awning, you can practically come up with a custom solution for your home. From size, fabric, patterns, and colours to automation, there’s a perfect awning for every home. This is good to know especially if you’re adding an awning to a home that is already decorated.

This means that you have to pay attention to how you’ll fit it into your current decor, add to its beauty and mix and match colours. For example, if your outdoor area is dominated by whites and nude colours, you should go for beige awning colour. All in all, it’s always best if you can choose the fabric and colour that fits your overall style.

You’ll protect your furniture from deterioration

Harsh weather conditions, too much sun, and heat can all damage your outdoor furniture and even your indoor furniture. If your windows are directly exposed to sunlight, furniture can be exposed to direct sunlight and deteriorate over time. Not only that but if your outdoor lounging area is under direct sunlight and wind, the colours will start to fade, and varnish will dry out and chip away. But, if you cover the outdoor sitting area with an awning, you protect it from harsh weather conditions and deterioration.

Awnings can be retractable

Another reason awnings are perfect for summer and all year round is because you can get retractable awnings. This allows you to easily unfold them when you need instant shade and fold them when the summer season of harsh sun is over. There are also automated models on the market for those who love to do as little as possible and do everything by pressing a button.

A beautiful addition to any building

They are simply beautiful and you can easily find a style that fits your overall exterior and aesthetics. You can choose the fabric, colour, style, and material to easily make this addition a natural architectural solution. In addition to this, well-designed outdoor awnings can boost your curb appeal, especially if you’re considering putting your house on the market at some point.

It’s a long-lasting shading solution

Awnings are a long-lasting solution that comes with a 5 to 15 years warranty. These structures are durable and built to last. SO, if you decide to get an awning for your outdoor area, you’re making a decision that will serve you for more than ten years. Nonetheless, if you take care of your awning, and keep it well maintained and cleaned, it will last you a long time.

Your lifestyle will improve

Sometimes you can’t travel for summer, so you are stuck where you are. Or, your summer vacation is limited but there are still many hot days waiting for you in the city. Your private getaway in your garden can enhance your lifestyle and feel like you’re taking a vacation but at your own home. Outdoor shade is especially important if you have kids, so they won’t be exposed to harmful UV light.

You’ll save on energy

An awning can provide shade to your outdoor area, while also keeping your house cool. If you prevent direct sunlight from warming up your home in the summer by blocking it, you won’t have to have the AC on full blast the entire day. On the other hand, if you keep your awning retracted during the colder months, you can let the sunlight warm your house up so you won’t have to increase the heating, especially during transitional months. Either way, an awning is a great energy saver.

You’ll increase your privacy

The reason why we love spending time at home is that we have all the privacy in the world. However, if you’re surrounded by buildings or multi-stories houses that somehow have visuall access to your backyard, you need a privacy-enhancing solution. A strategically placed awning can be just that – a privacy enhancer. You can get light-filtering fabric that also successfully blocks curious glares from the neighbours.

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