best ps4 controller for fps

Why do PS4 controllers break so easily?

Sony has improved the official PlayStation drivers over the years, and while not a DualSense driver paired with the PS5, the return of the PS4 – DualShock 4 – is a good driver with ergonomic design and devices such as motion control. a touchpad.

However, this does not mean that there is no room for improvement and that there is a complete ecosystem of third-party PlayStation 4 drivers that offer little difference. Whether you want a top-notch tournament pad or something cheap and fun for little (or less careful) hands, there has to be something for you.

Keep in mind that you can use the official DualShock 4 on your PC and also don’t forget the Mac, iPhone, and Android features. Most third-party drivers will work on one computer – although some work better than others. Read for more information best ps4 controller for fps

Sony DualShock 4 – Best for casual gamers

Let’s start with the old ‘sincere: DualShock 4. While Microsoft has released countless variations based on this Xbox One driver, Sony (mostly) resisted the tastes of DualShock 4, and only released an update for the pad – it recognizes that it’s a good enough driver that doesn’t require constant debugging.

Enhancements or a nice version of Elite.

The aesthetics are a classic PlayStation and at first glance, you may think the functionality is the same, with standard buttons on the face, D-pad, analog levers, and shoulder triggers. . You’ll also find Options and Share buttons here. It works wirelessly, charges via micro USB, and has fully respected battery life. But there are more below decks. There are motion controls (although many games don’t use them), a light bar that changes color to match in-game events, and a touchpad that also acts as a button. Newer versions of the controller (since 2016) also reduce the visibility of the light bar via the touchpad, instead of limiting it to the back of the controller.

Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro – The best professional driver

Revolution Unlimited Pro is not Nacon’s first attempt at a top driver for consoles and PCs, but it may be the best. This is primarily how the driver is customized, with many comparisons between it and Microsoft’s top Xbox One Elite driver. It’s not hard to see why – the officially licensed Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro has the overall form factor that the Microsoft console prefers, although the PS4 has several features (including a touchpad and light bar) that exist and are being considered. It has a nice matte finish on the front and sticky material on the back that prevents the controller from slipping on your sweaty hands during intense online gaming. There’s even a dedicated volume and microphone control on the back, and that’s not what we’ve seen on many controls.

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