Why Must You Integrate Apple Pay In Your Next Magento Store?

Magento is a top-rated open-source platform that millions of businesses use to create their eCommerce platform online. Everything is designed for a competent user experience from its interface to easy-to-navigate. But what if you update only one payment option for the user? The user can even doubt your platform’s functionality and might never come back to your website. It is because every eCommerce site offers at least 4 to 5 payment options to give users their own choice for payment. And among those options, Apple Pay is one option that users prefer these days.

So, if you plan to open a new Magento app store, you need to follow this article to understand the need to integrate Apple Pay into your store.

Apple Pay- A Modern Way To Online Payments

Apple Pay is a new payment option that more than 50% of online shopping sites are using for contactless payments. Launched in 2014, Apple Pay can be used by people with iPhones, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. While shopping through any eCommerce website or application, users can perform transactions with just a tap using the same payment option.

The best thing about using Apple Pay is that it doesn’t ask for customers’ personal information or card details. All they need is to tap on the option and process the transaction. All the popular credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Union Pay, are supported by Apple Pay.

What Are The Benefits of Using Apple Pay as a Payment Option

There must be some reason why thousands of people are using Apple Pay for everyday smooth transactions on any online platform. Here we will show the benefits that will make you add Apply Pay getaway to your eCommerce platform.

1. Optimum Security

We have always heard cases of data hacking, especially on online shopping platforms, as it consists of sensitive information like card details, bank names, and phone numbers. From debit cards to credit cards, no data is safe from hackers. Thus, people now analyze the security measures before choosing an eCommerce site. Magento is one online platform that follows all standards, security measures, and guidelines for consumer data security.

With Magento associated with Apple Pay, all the crucial information about cards is kept 100% confidential. All the credit cards on Apple Pay are associated with DAN (Device Account Number). The DAN is precisely stored in some elements like a chip in every apple device such as iPad, Apple watches, or iPhone.

And when you do not have any data to reveal to the hacker. Your account is saved for any malpractice. When you get to the checkout page, you get to select your payment method as “Apple Pay”. 

2. Quick and Easy Checkouts

Checkout is always easy when you do not have to mention your details and directly pay the amount with a single click. Every detail from credit card number, shipping address, and postal code is saved on Apple Pay to help you save extra time and effort.

When you click on “Apple Pay”, all your data gets automatically filled after you give your fingerprint access or face recognition- the smoothest way to shop on every platform. Not every user can access Apple Pay on their screen, but only those who already use it or browse through safari.

3. More Secure and Private

When you use DAN for transactions, your data is more secure than on any online shopping platform. It is because you do not need to share personal information or card details every time with the merchant. Apple Pay only uses your information during any shipping mishap, fraud prevention, or troubleshooting.

In short, Apple Pay is the best payment option if you want secured transactions.

4. Increases Sales Potential

The most crucial factor for every eCommerce website to increase its sales potential is to provide a smooth checkout process. When a user experiences an easy-going checkout process, it makes them bring back to the site again for shopping. Some websites have seen a 30% hype in their entire sales by introducing Apple Pay to the site.

What Makes Apple Pay- The Most Secure Payment Method

Apple is not only famous for its extraordinary features but also for its security and safety measures. With the advanced security features of Apple, every transaction done via Apple Pay is more secure than any other online method. Here is the technology Apple uses to protect the user’s information from hackers:

1. Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology

NFC is revolutionizing technology that brought contactless payments even to physical stores in the 21st century. For payment, all a person has to do is use their smartphone and a POs terminal (provided by the shop owner).

Apple uses NFC technology for contactless payments that almost 90% of users in the USA are acquiring on daily shopping at stores. And now, this technology is also embarking on its presence in Europe and Asia. 

All the latest Apple products come with NFC technology with fingerprint access and face recognition features for the same.

2. Multiple Security Levels

Any payment you possess through Apple Pay goes through a series of steps, starting from verification through Touch ID or Face Recognition, then extracting your card details, and you are all set to make a transaction.

The role of NFC is to make a virtual bridge between the merchant’s cash register and Apple Pay. By doing this, it generates a virtual token for authentication. The objective is to prevent merchants from gathering personal data or card numbers. So, your information is not shared, and you are worry-free from any kind of online fraud.

What are the Apple Devices on which Apple Pay works? 

Not all devices can possess Apple Pay for online payments, at least not the past models. Here is the list of devices that accepts Apple Pay:

  1. iPhone 6, 6+, 6S, and 6S+
  2. Any Apple Watch compatible devices, including iPhone 5 and more.
  3. iPad Air 2 and models came after it
  4. iPad mini 3 and above

 Using Apple Pay, users can send money to any of their friends, family, or any other user having the Apple device with this feature. And it also allows users to shop on any online eCommerce platform.

And as an econ business owner, all you need is to ask your payment provider to add Apple Pay as one of the payment options. Further, you can add a special logo to make people aware of the multiple payment options your website offers to customers. This way, customers will get to know about Apple Pay and will be able to use it. Adding this feature is free of cost, and there is no need to give extra bucks to anyone.


We’ve understood in this article why Apple Pay is an important payment option for a secure and smooth payment process, why it is beneficial for any Magento website, and how you can integrate it with your platform.

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