recovery of muscles

Why recovery of muscles is as important as the grind 

Author Name: Alex James

Muscles need healing after an intense workout session. Protein powders and pills are the most widely used pre and post-workout supplements to increase endurance. The gold standard 100% whey is a protein powder that helps athletes, gym freaks, and workout enthusiasts gain energy and perform better.

Why choose the gold standard powder

The gold standard 100% whey powder contains about 24g of protein per serving, constituting up to 50% of the daily protein requirement for an adult. The protein is derived from whey protein isolates with the right fat, carbohydrates, and lactose content. That is why it is widely used among athletes. The product is gluten-free and has been tested. The chances of allergies being caused are minimized as it is 100% whey. It has been the best seller for 30 years. The product is available in different flavours and sizes. 

An added advantage of Whey

Another added advantage is Whey. It is a type of milk protein that is water soluble. It is pure protein, and the body absorbs it very quickly. It is an excellent source of high-quality protein as it helps speed up the process of weight loss. It also helps lower blood pressure as it contains ACE inhibitors called cytokinins, which help regulate blood pressure. Whey is also known to treat diabetes as it keeps a person full for a long and eventually reduces the consumption of sugars and carbs. 

Benefits of using protein powder

Managing weight- For people looking to shred or bulk, protein powder is an essential component of a person’s daily macronutrient needs. Protein helps keep the stomach full for a long, which helps in reducing frequent snacking. When the right amount of protein is taken, it results in consuming smaller portions of meals, subsequently reducing the overall body fat mass. It helps regulate blood flow, eliminate bad cholesterol, and reduce cardiovascular disease risk. 

Muscle recovery- Many athletes and gym personalities have a protein shake before or after a workout for muscle recovery and growth. Since working out requires lifting weights and cardio, a person is bound to feel fatigued. The muscles that have undergone a lot of tears during the heavy gym session must be recovered. It is a vital component of a person looking to bulk. Since bulking requires the growth of muscles, muscle recovery and toning are necessary to make the journey of bulking a smooth process. It also helps repair damaged muscles. The soreness and the after-workout tiredness are eliminated with the right amount of protein intake. 

A vital component of nutrition- Research shows that people who consume protein equal to their body weight daily have maximum endurance and strength. On average, a woman athlete should consume about 50g of protein while a man about 70g. The protein derived from the food one eats is insufficient for muscle growth. This is where protein powders step in and aid in performing essential body functions. Many doctors and researchers recommend protein powders depending on the person’s body type, health history, and purpose. Protein powders are not only restricted to physically active people. Children below the age of 13 are advised to take protein powders as it assists in muscle and bone growth. 

As a drink- Mix a teaspoon of the gold standard powder into a glass of hot milk or water. Add honey or little sugar for sweetener.

Add a big teaspoon of powder to skim milk as a high-calorie protein shake. Add fruits, peanut butter, and almonds for taste and additional calories. Blend it for a minute and serve it cold.  

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