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WooCommerce SEO – The Best Plugin for Online Stores

On all added store and product pages, SEO for WooCommerce requires specific settings that regular WordPress sites don’t have to worry about.

WooCommerce SEO doesn’t have to be difficult to understand and implement. There is a popular WordPress SEO plugin that can handle it all. There are actually two!

Both are compatible with WooCommerce with extensions. These are safe and regularly updated and have certain necessary options to handle SEO in WooCommerce online store.

Whatever you choose, you are in good hands. It all depends on what you have, the user experience you like and the options you want to be available in the free version.

Below are the details of the all-in-one SEO plugin and Yoast WordPress SEO plugin, which are two good options for managing WooCommerce SEO.Woocommerce Development Agency in Lahore playing a important role to e-commerce site Development, You can also contact us.

WooCommerce SEO: All-in-one SEO Package Plugin

One of the Leaders in SEO Plugins for WordPress All-in-One SEO Package Plugin .. Automatically apply search engine optimizations as soon as they are ready to use. However, you can adjust the settings as needed to select options for a more personalized fit.

Once installed, you can also install a companion plugin called WooCommerce – All-in-one SEO Package .. Provides additional options specific to the WooCommerce store.

At the time of publishing, this WordPress SEO plugin has over 10,000 active installs. Translated into 5 languages, including American English, Canadian English, Spanish, Farsi, and Croatian.

From customer satisfaction and feedback perspective, the WooCommerce All in One SEO Pack plugin gets 83% out of a total of 12 votes.

WooCommerce SEO All-in-one SEO
A WordPress SEO plugin that acts as an extension of WooCommerce SEO’s All in One SEO.

Features added to WooCommerce

This free plugin provides many additional features that SEO beginners and beginners can implement.

These features include:

  • XML sitemap with WooCommerce specific pages added
  • Automatic generation of title and description meta tags after manual configuration
  • Search Engine Title Optimization Applied Automatically
  • Automatic transfer of images to main URL
  • Google Analytics tracking
  • Google AMP support
  • Search engine robot ping when changes are made to the site
  • Compatible with most plugins available in the WordPress Repository .

Difference between free option and premium option

Both the all-in-one WordPress SEO plugin and its corresponding WooCommerce plugin are free to use, but due to their many features, they have different premium options than their main plugins.

These additional options are especially useful when implementing WooCommerce SEO.

In the free version, you can activate all the above features and add them to the native features provided by WordPress and WooCommerce.

The premium version provides other SEO features that are supported and developed for WooCommerce. This includes advanced WooCommerce support, video referral plugins, and SEO access for rankings, categories, and custom tags.

WooCommerce SEO: Yoast

If you have a WooCommerce site, you can’t miss out on a market leader. Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin .

This plugin is world famous and has over 5 million active installs in 53 different languages ​​at the time this article was published.

With great feedback and a great community, this plugin has the advantage of being surrounded by specially developed themes and extensions to enhance its capabilities.

You can also install it for free by installing it on a WordPress site that supports WooCommerce. Yoast WooCommerce SEO Plugin .. Like the previous couple of plugins, it adds WooCommerce specific options to the main plugin.

The core is The Yoast plugin is available for free from the WordPress repository Yoast WooCommerce SEO Plugin This is a premium option.

Yoast WooCommerce SEO Plugin
Yoast WooCommerce SEO Plugin helps improve the core functionality of the free Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin.

What features do you need to expect?

Among the features added by the YoastWooCommerce premium SEO plugin, the main features that improve SEO and user experience are:

  • Integrate structured data into social media product sheets to display pricing, inventory, and links to buy products on Facebook and Pinterest
  • Breadcrumb trail optimization and improved navigation
  • Generate a dedicated structured sitemap
  • Group WooCommerce blocks in the backend

What is the difference?

As mentioned above, choosing any couple of plugins will definitely boost your SEO on your WooCommerce site. However, there are important differences that are worth mentioning.

Unlike the WooCommerce All in One SEO Pack, the Yoast WooCommerce SEO plugin is not available for free. However, the latter option comes with improved plugin support and will be updated for a year.

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